A Courier for Valentines Day

Who’s your pick as a Valentine Day courier

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A poll conducted by a delivery firm to celebrate Valentine’s Day, asked UK’s online consumers who would they most like to deliver their parcels to them. Brad Pitt, the Hollywood star of many cinema blockbusters, including Inglourious and Fight Club was top of the list as the person that most voters wanted to see standing on their doorsteps in courier uniform, delivering their parcel, with 12% of the vote. He only just beat US President, Barack Obama, who came a close second, with third and fourth places taken by the current and …

A picture of transit courier. What car of the year 2015.

The Courier – Van of the Year 2015.

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Ford triumphs again at the What Van? Awards. It picked up the coveted What Van of the Year 2015 for its new Ford Transit Courier. The Courier is a new van that’s aimed at businesses who are looking to reduce vehicle sizes to get better value from there transport fleet. It’s aimed at companies that deliver smaller loads in larger vans and offering a more compact van that is more suited to their needs. It’s in the a similar space the the Ford Fiesta Van (which was highly commended in this …

Wine bottle

Christmas Wine Deliveries

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Yes. We know it’s still a few months away, but MAK Couriers are getting ready for Christmas. There’s nothing like having a little drink at Christmas and last year Tesco Wine customers enjoyed some great wines over the festive period. In fact it was one of our busiest periods of the year for same day wine deliveries for Tesco Wines. As Tesco Wines’ leading same day delivery courier, we have been ensuring that over the last few years the increased demand for wine same day deliveries over the Christmas period …

urgent delivery stamp

5 ways reduce to reduce your delivery costs

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Businesses should always look to reduce costs without impacting on customer service and quality. Here are some tips to help reduce your express delivery costs. 1: Consider other postal options than just a same day delivery service. Does the item need to be delivered on the same day? How much did the item cost? If you’ve just sold an item on ebay for £40, it doesn’t make sense to then payout £30 for delivery costs for same day delivery, if you can wait a few days for it. 2: Make …

24 hour delivery across the UK

Next day delivery is so last year!

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Who wants to wait five to seven days for the delivery of a case of wine or new pair of jeans. Most people don’t even want to wait two days. What consumers really want is for something to be delivered today. Even next day delivery doesn’t quite cut it for some. Consumers want it all and they are willing to pay extra for it. They want to have the ease of shopping online and the bonus of being able to have it delivered to their door the same day. It’s …

same day deliveries in driverless cars

Driverless Cars

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First there was parking sensors, cruise control, then cars began to park themselves with and now we take a massive leap forward with driverless cars. A recent government announcement has confirmed that driverless cars will be allowed on our roads from next year. However don’t expect to see many people reading the paper as their car navigates the way around the M25 very soon. The technology may have advanced enough to give us the self drive car, the cost for such a car will come at a premium, so expect …