A Courier for Valentines Day

Who’s your pick as a Valentine Day courier

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A poll conducted by a delivery firm to celebrate Valentine’s Day, asked UK’s online consumers who would they most like to deliver their parcels to them. Brad Pitt, the Hollywood star of many cinema blockbusters, including Inglourious and Fight Club was top of the list as the person that most voters wanted to see standing on their doorsteps in courier uniform, delivering their parcel, with 12% of the vote. He only just beat US President, Barack Obama, who came a close second, with third and fourth places taken by the current and …

A picture of transit courier. What car of the year 2015.

The Courier – Van of the Year 2015.

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Ford triumphs again at the What Van? Awards. It picked up the coveted What Van of the Year 2015 for its new Ford Transit Courier. The Courier is a new van that’s aimed at businesses who are looking to reduce vehicle sizes to get better value from there transport fleet. It’s aimed at companies that deliver smaller loads in larger vans and offering a more compact van that is more suited to their needs. It’s in the a similar space the the Ford Fiesta Van (which was highly commended in this …